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  • Allison Roberts

The Judiciary is Back (Sort Of)...

With the appointment of some new Judges, including the assignment of the Honorable William G.

Mennen, J.S.C. in Hunterdon County to the Family docket full-time, and with the recent update to the Future of Court Operations, there is relief in sight.

The good news is, we are handling trials in person. Justice requires in-person trials.

The bad news is much damage has been done. The backlog of matters requires judges to continue to inform attorneys and litigants that it may take years (not months) to get precious trial time. Without more judges appointed to fill the many remaining vacancies, we must continue to work with our client’s understanding of the reality in each local court.

There are alternatives. Mediation is almost always a good alternative. Whether working with a

mediator pro se (without an attorney) or using a mediator once you have hired your individual attorney, mediation provides flexibility to meet on your timeline and the accountability and structure provided by the mediator to keep your matter moving towards resolution.

Know your options: Contact or call us today at 908.237.3098 to discuss what is the best path forward in your divorce.

For more information on mediation, read: Divorce: The 3 Ways to Utilize Mediation

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