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Precious Priorities

Creating a Settlement Structure That Works for You


When we begin to talk settlement, identifying priorities is key.  In a divorce, each party will have issues or items that are “deal breakers.” The sooner these issues are identified, the better job I can do to structure a settlement that is right for you.  All settlement requires compromise, so it is best to be up-front with achievable expectations.  


For example, if staying in the house after the divorce is your top priority, we can structure the settlement around that desire, but you must accept that other areas may require compromise and concession.  If you want to remain in the house and can afford the monthly expenses on your own moving forward, we can propose a settlement in which you buy out the interest of the other party so the house becomes yours by way of a Deed transferring interest to you.

Combining Legal Expertise and Creativity to Design a Settlement


Typically, settlement payment needs to be made in cash, but perhaps we can negotiate payment as a mix of cash, a larger portion of retirement assets, or other (what we call) “off-setting” assets.  While a Judge can simply order the division of each and every account, or the sale of assets to generate cash that is then divided, in a settlement, we can work to preserve the items that are precious to you. 


Legal expertise and creativity matter for both parties to agree to a settlement. AMR Law has both based on our years of experience in family law, mediation, estate planning, and established professional networks.  We are here to answer your questions. Please feel free to reach out to us at 908.237.3098 or use this contact form.


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