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Here We Go: The Law Offices of Allison Mattia Roberts

This will certainly be the most self-centered and me-focused blog I will ever write. Did I lose you already?

It is exciting to be in my own office, to set up my own software, to work with a professional on my own website, even to buy staplers. But there is a lot to do to get up and running (I am accepting of any interior design tips you may have, the walls will remain blank forever unless someone else helps, Patty and I are hopeless). Small business owners are unsung supermen and superwomen as they manage all the details that go into opening a business while providing service to their clients.

But what does this mean for you, the client? It means I must deliver superior service and results for you, so you send future clients my way. I am more invested than ever in serving my clients. And I get to do that my way.

When I started this process, I asked myself: What is my way? What makes me different? Why will people hire me? My clients come to me when they are in crisis, and they need help with a divorce, criminal defense, or estate matters. I’ve been doing this now for over 20 years and there is no doubt there will be a logistical issue in your case. Some issues we can get ahead of, but if there is a matter that will be a sticking point, I can and will tell you that from Day One and we will plan accordingly. We address it head-on. We find a way to solve the issue. Beware of the attorney who tells you exactly what you want to hear.

The most gratifying part of starting this office has been the overwhelming support from my former clients. Cards, gifts, sincere calls from clients old and new who are happy for me. People are rarely happy FOR their attorney. I tend to work with people when they happen to be at a low point in life: a divorce, an arrest, a death. I will tell clients I feel badly if they see me in public, outside my role as their attorney, because I know seeing me can remind them of a difficult time in their life. I am moved and sincerely inspired by the kind encouragement and support I have received from so many former clients. I will continue to work with my clients honestly and effectively, working to resolve their cases as best I can. Thank you for your faith in me.

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